Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size I am?

We have 2 sizes in the up cup, S/M and M/L. We would normally recommend the S/M for ladies around the age of 35 and below who have not yet given birth. Otherwise we would normally recommend the M/L for ladies round the age of 35 or older and have given birth.  However, everyone is different and unique, so sizing may vary between person to person. Feel free to contact us if you are ever unsure or have any questions.

Can I sleep with the cup?

Of course you can, it is one of the many benefits of the up cup. You can leave the cup in for 6 - 12 hour (depending on flow) it is absolutely fine to sleep with.  

How do I clean my menstrual cup?

Once your period has finished, we do suggest sterilising your up cup by using anti-bacterial wipes and/or boil it in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Otherwise, in-between changes, just rinse your cup and pop back up. Shower time is normally the best time. 

Is it hard to insert and remove? 

No, it is not hard to insert or remove at all. Simply follow the instructions of folding, inserting and removal.

Can I wear my cup swimming?

Why yes you can!! Don’t let your period stop you from doing everyday things you love.

Can I wear my cup if I’m very active in sports? 

You can be as active as you like with no worries!! As the cup is held in by your vagina wall muscles, the cup will be securely in place. 

Can I feel the cup inside me?

Not at all! If you insert the cup correctly, you should't feel a thing, just like a tampon. 

How are menstrual cups different from tampons?

They are reusable, so better for the environment and better for you wallet. You can keep them in for a lot longer than a tampon, so worry and stress free. They don’t smell and… there's no string for you to pee on.

How often should I change my cup?

You can leave your cup in for 6 - 12 hours. However, we do recommend changing more often on heavier days. 

Can the cup get lost inside me?

No!! So, if you ever can’t find it, don’t freak out. Just use your vagina muscles and push like you’re doing a poop and this will push the cup out far enough for you to pinch and remove. Your cervix does have an end, so you won’t lose anything up there. 

Can I use my cup with a IUD?

Yes, you sure can. This will not affect anything.