Hey ya!!

My Names Emily and I started this little side project because I want to try and make a small difference in the world. Ever since I was at Uni I always talked about wanting to do something that would help others and help the environment. Then one day I was thinking “well I get my period every month and so does every other girl, we must go though so much waste with disposable sanitary products”. Then I wondered if there was anything I could possibly do?

So I started digging a little more into this and found out that we're producing up to 3 million tons of waste on menstrual products alone each year!! Crazy right?! And thus Sour Petal was born, I wanted to bring out an environmentally friendly product that us females would love and be proud to use. All my friends and I personally use the Up Cup and we all love it!! 

I hope you also love it as much as we do xxx